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Sunland Holiday Village is a secluded and peaceful naturist campsite on the South Eastern coast of South Australia. Here is a link to their website and a quote from their introduction info:


Stroll or drive 600m down to the beach for a nude swim. One of Sunland's greatest attractions is our 1.3 km frontage to a pristine sandy beach where naturists can stroll, swim or just laze in the sun. The whole of Sunland's grounds and the beach are nudist so you won't need to dress. Once you've had a bracing nude swim, how about a leisurely walk? Sunland has a hundred hectares of beautiful sand dunes and woodland to explore and many walking trails."

I have visited Sunland and was very impressed by the extensive sand dune walking trails between the campground and the legally nude beach. The people there are, as always, welcoming and friendly and I would love to go back for a return visit someday. The only negative I found was that the facilities are very dated and I would suggest that anyone going there for more than just a couple of days should try and be as self-sufficient as possible.

Thanks for this tip Hamish. I didn't know this place existed. Definitely on my list to check out one day.

looks great might be a road trip at the end of the year

I took advantage of the warm weather earlier in the week and visited Sunland Holiday Village again. I had a great time exploring some more of the dunes and various walking trails. The atmosphere was welcoming and friendly as always and I even enjoyed a 5km jog along the sandy beach.

The hosts have been busy making improvements to the facilities by renovating the shower block and some of the permanent caravans which they hire out to visitors. They have received so many bookings for New Year that they only have camping sites available apparently, so this really is a tribute to the place and the people there.

There is also a facebook page for them now too which is in the early stages of being set up. Here is a link to it
It would be great if, those of you who are interested, would "like" their page to learn of events etc from them in the future and just to show some support for them too, that would be much appreciated.  :cheesy:

Sunland have had another busy holiday season with lots of new and return visitors enjoying the friendly atmosphere of the campground and the surrounding natural beauty.

There are some new photographs posted on their facebook page so feel free to check them out and 'comment' and 'like' as you want. The site is still young and your support for Sunland will be greatfully received by the fantastic management there.


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