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Hello people,

A favourite nude beach on mine in Sydney is Washaway beach - it's near Balgowlah on the northern beaches. If you've ever walked the 'Manly to Spit'walk, you've been unerringly close to it.

It's a favourite beach of mine - not crowded, has spectacular views of middle harbour - you can see the Manly ferry go by - but not too closely! There is often a mixed crowd  - some other young folk go there. Last summer my ex and I went there one day, and saw a few girls in their early twenties, then ran into them again at the Wharf bar down in Manly later that day  - we only just recognised them with their clothes on  :234!

If driving, you can park in Barrabooka street.

There is a path at the end of the street - go down this path. In about 100 meters there is a sign which points to Grotto Point (straight ahead) - go this way.

In about another 100 meters there is a fork - go left - you will see a little blue sign on the ground - it gets a bit rougher here.

In about another 100 meters you see the sea ! At the end of the cliff go left about 10 meters and you will see how to get down to the beach - there are footholds on the ledge (about 8 feet) - if unsure ask someone on the beach how to get down - it's not difficult. It might be an idea to wear closed on footwear the first time !


Thank-you Jen! It was nice to see this. We appreciate it. !

Hi Jen

Great to see another Sydney-based site user. There arent all that many of us here.

You should join the Vita Nuda Australia group if you're on Facebook. Or check us out at

Have you ever been to a nudist resort Jen, or are you mainly a beach girl? I'm trying to round up as many Sydney-based people and anybody able to attend on the day to gather at River Island Nudist Retreat in the south-west of Sydney (near Mittagong) on Saturday 28 January as I'm producing an Aussie edition of Clothesfree TV and would love to have as many people there as possible.

If not, maybe I'll see you at Washaway Beach sometime over summer (if the proper summer weather ever decides to show up).


Thanks for that report Jen. I've heard about it, but not been yet. Hopefully this summer if it ever gets here :)

in my 5 years living in Manly I never did the Manly - Spit shame... :45


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