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Random Poetry
« on: January 03, 2012, 09:46:06 pm »
Hey everyone

I've been writing poems for a while and would like to share one ,once a week and ask how you feel about them.

Here one I call "Wisdom in Words"

To listen to them means that life exists.
To forget them, leaves an almost uncertain doom.
But why do we change after a word has been said?
Does a conventional wisdom play part,
or do we as society choose them to be wise?
No matter the reason, still the same result plays out.
We rely on words on wisdom like air to breath,
Not just to start a sentence but to start a chain in life.
But it is those who delivered these words we tend to forget.
Let the writers of a new wisdom know that it is our words that make us who we are.
Let them be known so that us as a burning flame shall shine in the raging darkness.
May wisdom be shown….