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What's your favorite book?

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What's the best book you have ever read?

My favorite is 'The name of the Rose', by Umberto Eco, do you know it?
It can be read in different ways: you can get fascinated by the story (searching in the text for details that help you to understand who is the killer); or you can enjoy the weird debates in it, finding kinda funny the discussions between the monks, all of them so strange and so philosophic at the same time.
Besides, it's a book that talks about other books... in short, I loved it  :543

One that stands out for me is 'The Life of Pi' by Yann Martel. a very unusual premise and an inspirational read

LOrd of the rings is like my bible. I love tolkien. Catcher in the rye comes close after the tolkien works. I also like terry pratchet,chuck palanuik and william golding

I read a ton (voraciously is the word normally used), and I keep coming back to Thoreau's "Walden." Not only is Thoreau a decided naturist, but he's an insightful student of world religions and an astute observer of reality.

I read it again every year or so, and I'm blown away every time. It was also a surprising point of contact with my grandfather - I worked with him on the farm one summer, and his easy and peaceful attitude toward nature reminded me of Thoreau like crazy. I asked him if he had read Walden, and he said "Oh, sure. 3 or 4 times at least." I never thought of my grandpa as a reading man, being an old farmer from Amarillo, but the man had some deep insights that changed my perspective on him, Thoreau (my grandpa pronounces it "Thoroo," :), and the world. Great stuff.

has to be game of thrones getting second book very soon i will save it for the nude beach in lanzarote :)


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