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Dear IYNO members,
as suggested by a user, we have added a map of members (powered by Google Maps) to our community. We hope that this function will be able to provide an overview about IYNO members in your approximate region.
Participation is, of course, entirely voluntary. The system does not attempt to locate your computer; you can add your location manually in your profile. You can be as explicit or as vague as you want, but keep in mind that publishing your exact street address on the net is not necessarily a good idea.
We recognize privacy is an important concern, so for the time being, access to the member map follows the same permission system as the galleries: You need to get established on the forum or be recognized for things like past involvement. Permissions might be taken away for extended inactivity, but will usually be restored if you become active again.
So, we hope you enjoy this new feature.

Sounds like a great feature, looking forward to using it someday after becoming an established member, would really like to see how many members are in the area I live, and where I travel to, for activities and get togethers as I try to build friendships, support, and become comfortable around like minded people.


The map is a great idea. :2345  It makes it easier to find other members that live close to you so friends could be made on here and in person too.  Plus if you are vacationing you know who might be nearby the area in which you are traveling to that might help you out with things to do in the area that you might not have know.

I have tried to add myself four times and it won't save my location.

You need to click the map, then save your profile edits.


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