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Harry Potter Rocks

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Any Harry Potter fans out there that want to talk about it.  The movie got robbed not being nominated for any awards.  It was great.  The books are classics too.  I'm prepared for the hate, bring it on. :234567


i love Harry Potter the movies and the books.
i am grown up with Harry potter  :543

i am a big harry potter fan.. i love the movies but i did not read the books because i dont like read books soo much... but i buy the hearbooks and i grow up with the movies and the hearbooks

The books were good, especially from the third one onwards, but the films never really captured the depth of the books, other than the first and third film. Huge chunks of plot were cut out the minor characters, which are a huge part of the appeal of the books, were left on the side, never to be fully explored. Neville's visit to his parents in Order of the Phoenix is a good example of this, a very powerful scene in the book that is just left out.

I think they are great its good how they change over time as the characters get older too.

The first one is like a school term movie and the last an action film with all the others slowly being bits inbetween.
Great films


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