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Fellow gamers of IYNO,
This thread serves the purpose of facilitating online play between IYNO members.
In accordance with rule 3:

--- Quote ---Do not add people to your personal instant messenger friends list  without obtaining their permission. Simply, drop them a pm or email and ask to add them.  Also, no posting of personal contact data, such as email or messenger addresses. If you wish to exchange them with other members, please do it privately via PM or email.
--- End quote ---
which rules out the public posting of contact details (which many game network accounts can be considered), please keep the following rules in mind:
* List the games and/or gaming networks (e.g. Steam, Live, PSN) you are on that you want to share with IYNO members. If you play a game over a certain network, list it under that network. If your platform has its own thread listed below, please use that one.
* Do not post your actual account info as per forum rule 3.
* If you want to exchange account info, drop the person you want to share it with a PM and ask them.
* If someone has conditions for the people he wants to play with, respect them.
* If you post no conditions, it is assumed that anyone can contact you about that game. You are of course free to accept or deny any such request.
* There will be no official IYNO group on game networks. Unofficial groups are fine and we might advertise them.
There are now speciality threads for major gaming platforms. Some players of these platforms still have their posts in here for various reasons (multiple platforms in one post, time sorting prevents moving the posts), so if you still have your own post in here, please also post in the dedicated threads, if applicable. If your platform does not have a dedicated thread, this is the place to go.
PC games and networks
Nintendo Network / Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
PlayStation Network
XBox Live

Team fortress 2
CS Source

ArmA 2
Battlefield 3
World of Tanks
Battlefield 3
Those are my Main ones
and Planetside 2 when it comes out!!! :)

Xbox 360

-league of legends

I am a PS3 player and I mainly play online games; main ones are:
- Mortal Kombat
- Madden
- Hockey

I have others but don't need to list them all.

If anyone wants to get some PS3 online gaming going, drop me a line and lets do it.

I'm a PS3 Gamer. Name the game and it's on!


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