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South Africa- Sanfed

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Sanfed is the Officially recognized INF organisation in S. Africa and is very involved.

South Africa Federation:South Africa Abbreviation:SA Title:SANFED Full Name:Shana Coetzee Secretary: Street:Paperworks 274  Private Bag X043 Postal Code:SA- 1500 Benoni Phone:+27  82 55 22 178  Fax:+27 11 894 5370 Website:                                                                                       Magazine:

Thanx for the info!

Thanks a lot Danee for the information

Hi Dewiw10111 & Funnytannednudist, did you get in touch with sanfed? Visit any sanfed resorts? Visit with other sanfed members? How was your experience if you did?

Hey thenakedmunky
I haven't been to any sanfed resorts yet but hopefully go to one in the near future.


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