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Barclays Premiership: 09/10 Season

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So basically, transfer gos, predictions, banter you know the footballing sort.

Liverpool to win, Man U second, and City 3rd.


1. Man U
2. Chelsea
3. Liverpool
4. Man City

People think with Ronaldo gone, Man U can't do it, but this is Rooney's season, he'll get the goals, with help from Owen suprisingly :S. Valencia is Ronaldo's speed and skill so were set :P

I dont think Liverpool can repeat last years "best season in 20 years" but they'll still come third.

Arsenal are about to lose Fabregas to Barca, theyve already lost Toure and Adebayor, who were key players in their side. They'll only have Arshavin left. They've been fighting to keep 4th place for years now, but now they cant keep up and City will capitalise

1. Chelsea (first season without big signings, that's gonna work for them)
2. Liverpool (for Alex)
3. OR 18.  Man City (it's either very good, or very bad).
4. Man Utd.
6. Arsenal.

Nah you guys have it all's Tottenham Hotspurs all the way in 2010.  :786 :098

In conclusion, you're all fools and Chelsea pulled off a typical last minute scummy win against a noble Hull team ^^

You looking forward to Liverpool thrashing Spurs tomorrow Tod? ;)


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