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Okay, so I have been a member here since December or so and I have always wondered what the little boxes on the right under peoples' nicknames mean. I thought I would ask. Some have one box others many, some are different colors. I thought maybe they represented how long someone had been a member, or number of posts, but I see some newer members with few posts having lots of boxes and older members with many posts with fewer boxes. Anyway just been curious for a while and tried to read through the wiki help link, but didn't find anything. Probably it is something common to forums, but this is the only one I am on or have ever been a member of, naturist or otherwise so I am not familiar with the layout. Thanks.

Well, you are right that these things, which are... umm... stylized stars... showcase the "rank" of a member. They correspond to a user's title. Mostly, it is post-based, but quite often you will find members with special positions, be it access to the teens area, the girls-only club or just early full access, which is usually granted if we know the person from another place or after some personal talk.
Specifically, any differently-colored star represents a special group. As of now, five green stars symbolize that the person is moderator for the forum you are viewing, while global moderators who are not directly responsible for that board will have six blue stars. Four red stars symbolize an administrator. Not every staff member actively displays his rank, though, for instance Stuart is an admin without any special group.

I've been wondering that too - thanks for the clarification!

Thanks for the quick response.. I think I better understand...


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