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Martijns trip!


Okay, although it didn't have much to do with Naturism (okay, a little) I will post it here as I can't find a better section to post it!

I took off on Sunday local time first to stop at Jordan where my father had some buisiness to do. I thought it was a rather boring country and that I had to sit out my time in the hotel room, dragging myself from dinner to dinner but in the end I found myself completely excited about the experiences I've gotten there. We landed in Amman the capital of the country and got comfy with the hotel room (there was a rooftop pool and I had the room underneath will follow). Bla bla bla. Via a buisiness associate of my father I found out that Rabbi Berg (a very important man in the Kabbalah studies) was lecturing in Amman, so I decided to see his lecture and this was truely inspiring! Next day we want on a EXTREMELY LONG car ride to Petra, the must-see-thing in Jordan. It's a city carved out of a rock. Funky? Yeah! So.. all good. Then we flew from Amman to Suva (the Capital of Fiji) and with a boat to Taveuni (some random island there) and wow. What an experience. I've stayed there for 14 days, and although everything around there is starting to commercialize you can see how close the inhabitants are to the essence of living. Everything is so pure and good, both for your body and your mind. Every day was filled with a sort of Yoga routing close to a spring. Where you say these mantra's and then the water falls on your back h - it should cleanse your soul - in fact it just hurts. Then a nice little breakfast with seefood! The funny thing about Fiji is that it consists of about 300 islands, and just a third has what i can recommend to anyone going there is a tour on a boat along all these little islands that no one has ever set foot to.

To sum up:  the food was extremely good, the nature astonishing, it's all so pure! People are amazing, parties are good! I'm glad to add this experience to my long list and I can't wait to go back there (or to a similar place)...

Ps.  I did swim naked every morning! Muahah!

Sounds like a brillinat trip Martijn! thanks for that. Jordan does sound like an interesting place to go, though not sure how high up my list of dream places it is......I haven't been to Fiji since I was about 14, but loved every minute of it. Did you get to try the mud Kava? Great to see you got back safely. Now about that trip to the Tour de France....


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