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Nudists outraged as naked sunbathing is banned on Cadiz beaches

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Nudists outraged as naked sunbathing is banned on Cadiz beaches

By Sarah Gordon

Exhibitionists hoping for an all-over tan could face hefty fines for stripping off on beaches in Cadiz, Spain.
The popular holiday resort's Town Hall has decided it wants no more naked bodies on the beach and holidaymakers could now face a fine of up to 750 euros for revealing all.
However, the decision has been slammed by outraged members of the public and the Spanish Naturist Federation who have declared the ruling illegal and unconstitutional.
 High price: Sunbathers who strip off for an all-over tan could now be fined up to 750 euros
The vague law has raised questions about whether 'nudism' includes topless sunbathing or if parents would be fined for a naked baby on the beach, as the person responsible for a minor.
In general many bathers questioned said they didn't have a problem with those that wish to frolic about in their birthday suit and disagree with the wholesale banning of the practice.


However, suggestions were made that designated nudist beaches should be assigned in the area.

Stripping off on the beach has been considered legal in Spain for the last two decades and the Naturist Federation claims that the fines could damage the tourism market in the area, as many nudists come from around Europe to enjoy this freedom.

The Spanish Tourist Board estimates that around 1.5million tourists visit Spain every summer with the express aim of practicing naturism.

But Cadiz Town Hall has defended its decision by saying that the beaches are being taken over by nudists, putting off families who use them.
Local police have been passing the message on to sunbathers, but so far no one has been given a fine.

High price: Sunbathers who strip off for an all-over tan could now be fined up to 750 euros

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This will be interesting as it plays out.  Please, if so inclined, post your opinion on this on that website comment section. 
Also, note the first word used by Sara (the reporter)?  Give her a shout out! 

Yeah...exhibitionists??? WTF? Talk about flagging her stance at the start of the story. Hope they can reverse it when the tourism drops off.

I hope they can reverse it too. A huge blow for naturism  :45

Well, digging deeper, I found a little update and it sounds like things are going to heat up!  Good for the Spanish Naturists!


Controversial city ordinance in Cádiz

In Cádiz, a controversial city ordinance banning nudity on beaches could end up in the courts. The Council is proposing a fine of up to €800 for those who bare all.

So far, the nudists have won all the court battles because Spanish Law does not criminalise the practice of nudism in public places. The Ley de Costas (Coastal Law) of 1969, issued during the Franco era, devolved the responsibility for the monitoring of behaviour on the beaches to the local municipalities. However, this law was repealed in 1988 and, therefore, all subsequent attempts to punish nudity have failed in the courts.

The Council is not ruling out the setting up of a special nudist area near Cortadura at a future date.

The Federación Española de Naturistas (Spanish Naturist Federation) argues that the new ordinance is both illegal and unconstitutional because the Council cannot make up rules for ‘crimes’ abolished under the Penal Code. In addition, since the Coastal Act was repealed, it is not up to the Council to act as morality police.

The FEN also contends that the new ordinance does not specify whether ‘topless’ is considered nudity or whether unclothed babies would be considered ‘nudists’.

Paradoxically, if the new ordinance were to be enforced, the situation would arise whereby it would not be illegal to walk to the beach naked, but once arriving at the beach you could be fined.


That last line gets, under law there, an entire group of people could hop out of a bus, nude as the day they were born, walk to the beach and then...have to put on suits to not be fined.  Incredible!


I agree Danee, that's just insanity! What are they doing  :56789


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