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Nudists outraged as naked sunbathing is banned on Cadiz beaches

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I saw no one took the time to post an objection so I did. Comon villagers!  Register with them and post an objection!  Please??


--- Quote from: Danee on August 17, 2009, 03:49:05 am ---I saw no one took the time to post an objection so I did. Comon villagers!  Register with them and post an objection!  Please??

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I did, but I haven't been published  :324

I see you have though!  :543

dear friends, spain has been a very relaxed spot in the world.
as i read about "exhibitionists", it struck me that there could be two issues:
1st: there had been some exhibitionists or even voyeurs with both hands rocking their penis
       whose outrageous behaviour had to be banned - victims are the naturists

for this, we have numerous little events round vienna. for hours they may "work" behind bushes, and then some will even follow you on your way back to the car, they are a real pest. people sometimes get together and throw them out, as they would not f...-off, not even with us shouting and cursing on them - these are all dressed up and kind of stalkers.
birgit and i were even chased by car for 15 kilometers, one eveneing, as we went back on a motorway. i could only get him off by slowing down abruptly and leaving the motorway at apoint when he had already passed th way out.
scenes like the one may happen in many parts of the nude world, they are disgusting and i could well imagine a community rather close the beach than having to chase stalkers.

2nd: there is a campaign being started with putting nasty terms on naked people - in order to make naturism unacceptable and consequently ban it as a whole. naturists are, in a sense, rebellions. a society that tends to control and ban individualists, will hardly accept nudists, as they represent freedom and caring about each other - nudists are contradictory to regimes of that kind.

for the second issue i have an example - austrian print media reported a trivial car accident. one driver was reported naked inside the car. they wrote, the naked driver was mentally insane. result: they want to suggest that crazy people who drive a car naked will cause an accident. a naked driver whop causes an accident must be insane. a driver who is naked must be insane and therefore will cause an accident. BINGO! "stop insane nudies", "kill the insane killer", and do feel righteous and thrilled like 70 years ago.


--- Quote from: Danee on August 16, 2009, 01:28:20 pm ---So far, the nudists have won all the court battles because Spanish Law does not criminalise the practice of nudism in public places. The Ley de Costas (Coastal Law) of 1969, issued during the Franco era, devolved the responsibility for the monitoring of behaviour on the beaches to the local municipalities. However, this law was repealed in 1988 and, therefore, all subsequent attempts to punish nudity have failed in the courts.
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Maybe they should build places, "resorts" or something, for those weirdos who seem to enjoy sunbathing and playing in their wet sweaty "swimwear"... There they could do all the "clothy-dipping" and get all the "untan-lines" they want without bothering us normal and sane people!...... 

Joke appart, I can't believe the so-called "journalist" shamelessly calls us "frolicking exhibitionists" and gets away with it.


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