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Tumblr blog post
« on: June 29, 2012, 01:45:55 pm »
I found this on tumblr....some cool thoughts which I think are worth a read

I think bodies are beautiful. The way they move and feel, writhe and relax. And so I’m quite honestly perplexed that we are taught to cover them up and hide them away because it’s “indecent” or “dirty.”

But we’re also told to love ourselves and our bodies. They say it over and over again like a broken machine repeating orders that aren’t meant to be followed. After all, how could those words penetrate thick skulls bent on hating the being that surrounds them? How could we love our body contently when we are met with demeaning stares and judgement if it is even the slightest bit exposed?

And then we’re reprimanded when we don’t love ourselves, “Silly girl, cuts in her arms, all for attention,” “Stupid boy, blood on his hands, doesn’t even care,” “Sick teens, wasting they’re lives, no respect for themselves.” Apparently society hates people for hating themselves. Well ain’t it a cruel world?

How does society expect anyone to love their skin when society is just as concerned with covering it up? How does society expect anyone to appreciate their body when society is just as focused on judging its functions? How does society expect anyone to love themselves at all when society is always judging, always looking at you under a microscope and saying you’re not good enough?

Because society is just a word we use to explain why we can’t.

So then why can’t I just walk around naked? Why can’t I just say fuck it and be free? Well, maybe society is fictional, but law enforcement isn’t. But personally, I still just don’t understand. We say human bodies shouldn’t be exposed because “it’s bad.” Well why is it bad? Why is being comfortable with myself a crime? Why is being comfortable in my skin such a disruptance to the world? Isn’t that what they wanted? For me to love myself?

Of course not. It’s what I wanted. All along. I wanted to be ok with who I was, who I am. Everyone does. Everyone just wants to feel alright with themselves, and here we are hiding behind some command to do so. And if that’s not ironic enough, this is: My comfort makes others uncomfortable.

I see it in the way they glance at my bare skin and silently judge me. I don’t even know what thoughts would run through someone’s head when they saw me, “That’s bad.” Again, why? So anatomy offends you… why? So it offends everyone? Why?

“It’s dirty,” you say? Again, why? What’s so dirty about a beautifully crafted human being? A dazzling creation with not only form, but function? Are you telling me that I’m disgusting? That we’re all disgusting? Why can’t we all just accept, love, and appreciate our bodies for what they are, humans?

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Re: Tumblr blog post
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2012, 02:28:26 pm »
Why are most of our approval buttons social network upvotes? But yes, thumbs up.
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