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What do the squares above my username mean?

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I have two yellow ones. I've noticed other people have as many as four and they come in different colors too..  :56789

I was actually wondering that too, to be honest...


--- Quote from: ChristineH on July 19, 2012, 02:15:38 am ---It's based on your post count.  Not exactly sure when new boxes are added though.... maybe someone else can answer or correct me?  :tongue:

--- End quote ---

Let's ask a Moderator...ohhhh wait... ;)

Just out of curiosity, why isn't gold/yellow a higher color than blue. Typically things that are blue aren't as valuable as things that are gold or yellow. Blue is cold and distant. Gold/ Yellow is warm. In my opinion...

It does not appear to be post count, it sort of seems like a "status" thing. There must be some formula for calculating it, I assume based on number of posts, post quality, participation, if you answer your messages....but that is just my guess!


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