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Video: Brussels Cyclonudista, June 23th, 2012


I yet couldn't find the guts to partake, but here is a nice video made by the organiser of the event in Brussels:

Here is the short text describing the video, followed by a not too perfect translation of my own ( :tongue:)

--- Quote ---Ce 23 juin, 13h rendez-vous était pris depuis longtemps pour toute une équipe naturiste de l’APNEL, destination Bruxelles pour la cyclonudista édition 2012 organisée par Jerome Jolibois depuis 7 ans maintenant. Nous partons vers 9h et arrivons vers 13h à Bruxelles, pour un départ prévu à 15h. Nous sommes 7 (Francois, Marie, Jacques, Sylvie, Joel, Didier et Gilles avec vélos et bagages dans la voiture et la remorque. Nous arrivons donc au square freres Orban, nous sommes les premiers, nous sortons les drapeaux WNBR, d’autres nous rejoignent rapidement.
voir article et photos à
--- End quote ---
--- Quote from: Sik ---June 23th, 2012 was a long due rendez-vous for a whole naturist team of the "APNEL".  Destination: Brussels Cyclonudista 2012, which have been organized by Jérome Jolibois for 7 years now.  We start at 9A.M. to arrive around 1 PM in Brussels, for a departure scheduled at 3PM.  We are seven (François, Marie, Jacques, Sylvie, Joel, Didier and Gilles) with bikes and luggages in the car and trailer.  We we arrive then on the Frères Orban square, we are the first arrived.  We then take the WNBR flags out, and others soon come and join us.
See full article (in French) and pictures on

--- End quote ---

For the rest, check the video! ^^

People react with lot of cheerfulness (and cameras  :345678) , some are still quite surprised but no one seem really shocked for long. 
Good fun  :laugh:

looked like a fun ride  :e4444


I loved the reaction of people--no aggression or hostility at all. It seemed as if some of them would join! :) Even those Arab ladies were laughing! :)

The funny thing is that the organizers picked the very center of the city which is car-free anyway... But they probably wanted to shock a little bit...:)


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