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The other day I ran across this project called "Naked People" by Sebastian Kempa, a german designer. He photographed 23 different people dressed and undressed. It's astonishing how perception changes when you "undress" those people! I really like that project.

Visit Naked People.

Are you familiar with the works of Greg Friedler and Andrew Einhorn?

I'd like to take part in this procject:). I'm very glad, that a Polish girl decided to join it:)

Hi gbanude

Thanks for the hint! I didn't know neither Greg Friedler nor Andrew Einhorn. Greg Friedler has some works very similar to those by Sebastian Kempa, I liked it.
Andrew Einhorn doesn't seem to have a web page, but there are some photo books at amazon.

My favourite photographer in this genre is Jock Stures.

very cool photos. i saw some pictures pictures very similar to these a while ago but it was people in athletic positions clothed than nude. For example there was a man jogging clothed, then a similar picture of him nude in the same jogging position. nice find!


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