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Reno Air Races
« on: September 12, 2012, 07:40:56 am »

Aw, yeah, it's that time of year. And this year, we finally get to go! Anybody else going to be there? We're flying into Reno on Friday and we'll be at the races all weekend.

Also, has anybody been paying attention to the crash hearings after last year's incident?

I went through that entire video...It's pretty damning of the pilot/owner.  Lock nuts were completely stripped and hadn't been replaced in 26 years, he hadn't bothered to tell the FAA about most of his mods, and he flat out lied about other things (like his age and doing flight testing on his modifications). Hopefully that will keep everybody on their toes for many years into the future.

I'm really excited to get up close with the planes. I have a major crush on Pratt & Whitney Wasp-series radials, particularly the R2800. I'm going to be all over the F7F Tigercat in the Unlimited class.
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