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I have started a new subject ref South Australia where anyone can post info for SA. By doing this it should be easier to find info for this area of the country straight away, rather than looking through each item of posts on all of the pages. We could do this for each State in Australia if you think it's a good idea?

The first topic for South Australia is Pilwarren "nudist facility". I haven't visited here before, but it looks like a great place to spend a day or two out in the country with likeminded people.

"Pilwarren is situated on a large lagoon adjoining the Murray River. We offer numerous activities for your enjoyment or you may wish to just sit back, relax and enjoy our peaceful environment with a fantastic view of our lagoon and the river cliffs along the Murray River.

Pilwarren caters for genuine nudist couples & families. How you look is not important to other genuine nudists. Pilwarren is an ideal place to get used to the nudist way of life. First time visitors to a nudist facility can take their time to get used to the idea of being nude, you will not be required to get naked with in ½ an hour of arriving as is the case in many clubs & resorts. This gives you time to relax & join in at your own pace as you feel comfortable to do so, but we do encourage everyone to be nude."

If anyone has any comments on this venue or any others (including events, news etc.) in South Australia, feel free to share them here  :66322

I have made a blunder! This topic belongs in "naturist resources - resorts" section (Australasia). If someone with the knowhow could move this accordingly, that would be great  :wink:

too far for me...but seems a nice place!

Here are some links to other Naturist locations in South Australia:

Pelican Point Holiday Park

Sunland Holiday Village

Tindo Nudist Club

And don't forget Maslins beach - Australias first official nude beach,about 40km from the city center, and close to McLaren Vale - where some of Australias best red wines come from...


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