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Ballongdansen; have you guys and gals heard about this? I don't know so much but from what I've gathered it is some sort of festival in Sweden where groups of highschool students get on stage and dancing, playing games etc in various stages of nudity.

Here is a video from Daily Motion (there are more)

I have no idea what that is all about but it looks fairy harmless.

Omg, I really don't know what to say... lol.
This has to be one of the most bizarre things I have seen in a while! Thanks for the post!... Umm.. I think?!? ;)

(Good on the performers for their confidence regardless! Awesome job on that front!)

Looking forward to hearing about what on EARTH this festival is about...  :laugh:

How bizzarre! I cant imagine anything like that going on here.

I found some sort of interview about Ballongdansen but it is from an adult site so I think it is best to link it here. Without trying to breach any copyright issue here is a some part of it:

--- Quote ---Can you give me a brief history of the ballongdansen in Gislaved so far as you are aware. Such
as, what year did it develop? Was the nudity there from the beginning or did it start later?
Is Ballongdansen something that is put together at school, or is it put together outside of
school, and what are the schools feelings towards it? How are the performances judged if they
are judged? Other history info?

Ballongdansen is a tradition kept at our local high school. I dont know how long it has been
going on exactly, although i remember having watched it every year since i was a kid at about
four years old. It is a well known act of entertainment throughout the country. People
sometimes do it at bachelorparties, weddings and big festive occasions.

It appears there is no age restriction to who can view the Ballongdansen. In America, most
conservatives would be outraged at young children watching a show with nudity like this. What
is the attitude in Gislaved towards having children from toddlers to adolecents viewing a show
like Ballongdansen?

I am not suprised about your question. I have lived in boston and i am well aware of the
conservatism. Sweden has a lot more relaxed way of looking at nudity. This is entertainment
and not often seen as something sexual, although i cant deny that some people may fint it
erousing, it is not the purpose.

Most participants in the show appear to be fairly fit and trim. What percent of graduating
students take part approx.? Are there many who are to shy to participate, or feel their body
is not attractive enough?

It is true that the people who take part in the dance are people who are not overweight and
donĀ“t have a significant small penis. It makes sence, in order to show your body you need to
be comfortable with it, as in not embarresed of your flaws. I cant speak for those who didnt
participate but i believe that is the reason.

Is the nudity in Ballongdansen seen as just playful, or is it also seen as a bit sexual? There
seems to be a strip tease nature to the show.

It is definately seen as playful. I would never have my parents watch me doing something
sexual, that would be sick and twisted. Although I know that there are some older men who
enjoys it in a sexually way but no one really cares about them, to most people they are just
pathetic perverts who do no harm.

Tell me about your personal expierence, whatever you'd like to share. How did you feel
emotionally about showing some of yourself on stage to everyone? How did you feel seeing other
of your classmates naked?

I wish i could give you a longer answer than this but i dont really have anything to say to
this. I hardly even considered it. It didnt occur to me that people were gonna think stuff
about me. I didnt at all feel as if im showing someting inappropriate because it wasnt at all
sexual. It was just a fun thing to do. Something that everyone does and there was absolutely
no questioning about it. I didnt think of the fact that i was seeing my classmates naked. I
dont think i even took a look at their "special parts". We didnt talk about it after the show
either. It was playful and everybody accepted each others privacy. No questioning about it.
--- End quote ---


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