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I collect toys from the 80's. If you knew me from the previous boards then you'd know im addicted HAHA

I love the toys that came out from 1981 to 1991 primarily and im an avid ebayer trying to find everything in one type like Barbie.. I actually at one point had almost everything that ever was put out by Hasbro for JEM and the Holograms ( i was missing a VERY few pieces and one is a rarity that only 3 were made ). I just want to be able to get it and then take pics of it write down the specs on it and then resell it later and make a profit. Its an awesome fun hobby of mine.

Yes im a geek!

I have 4 consecutive years of baseall cards from the 1970's. All in books, in plastic. Does that get any geekier?

I used to collect smurfs. Only a modest collection mind you, I always wanted a smurf village when I was small and when I grew up I decided to fulfill that ambition.

I do intend to collect all the old Hasselblad lenses sometime though. It would just be so great to have the ultimate collection that someone in the 1970's could only ever dream about owning.

Unfortunately space doesn't allow us to collect anything. I've really begun to appreciate how stuff costs you money beyond the original price you have to pay for it., especially here in the UK where housing is so expensive and small. The stuff you own has to be transported around when you move, or put into storage. The more stuff you own the bigger the place you either need to rent or to buy. And so much of it ends up unused, just taking up space and being a liability. Or there's the guilty pain of having to throw away something perfectly useable for example because you were given it for free and have no use for it. The more stuff you own, the less chance there is of finding the right item when you need it too!

I'd love to be able to sell it all and move into a campervan but there would still be so much of it that I need to keep, for example, all my scientific books, my camera equipment, outdoor equipment and computers. I would also be really sad to say goodbye to items that I really saved long and hard to get but which could still be useful in the future, for example my scuba diving equipment or my paraglider.


I for my part like collecting books, e.g.  historical novels and music of all kinds on cds.

Hello again,

for example I have some books of Jack London, Jules Verne, Alexandre Dumas, The Hornblower Triilogy and  other historical novels.


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