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From The 15th to the 25th of August, I went on a hockey tour around Europe, Holland, Belgium and Germany to be precise :345678. I am the goalie for our team. It was an experience tour and I'd say weve definitely gotten the most we could out of it. There were 25 guys in total and 5 staff. So heres the whole report of the trip :786

Saturday 15th: We had to get up at 3am to leave at 4am at the school so that sucked! When we got to the airport we all got a bit of food and then we went through security. So I put my hand luggage thru and they said "Have you got any liquids in here" and I remembered that my mum had packed my wash bag in my hand luggage to save space in my suitcase. So they took my shower gel, shampoo and deoderant cuz they wer too big but that was it. Then on the plane I had to sit beside this old foreign man who kept talking to me when I didnt want him to, and then he snored through the whole 1 and a half hour flight :S

Then we got to our hostel in Amsterdam and I was in a room with 8 guys from my year. The room was alright a bit small for 8 guys tho :S. It had 4 bunk beds, a toilet, 2 sinks and a shower so it was alright except for size :/

We then went to the Amsterdam Arena and took a tour around. Its where Ajax plays :P. It was really awsum :786. I bought an Ajax shirt too :P. Then we went back on the train. When we got off, we realised that one of us hadnt got off :S. He slept on :909. He rang our coach tho and he went t the next station and got him back

Sunday 16th: We played our first match against a team called Cartouche. My team won 8 or 9 to zero. I had nothing to do. We owned them :P :345678. But that day my suitcase lock got jammed or somethin and I couldnt open it for the whole day until at night, when I got pliers from reception and snapped it off :345678

Monday 17th: We played our 2nd match in Holland against a team called Forescate. We played their U16s ad we were U14s. This match was our only real test on the tour out of 5 matches. In the first half they went 3-0 up in 7 mins but not the first 7 mins but u get wat i mean :).  Then in the 2nd half we got back to 3-3 and I made around 7 saves everyone was sayin I played really well in that half. But then they got a good last minute goal. But we still came away with our heads held high as we had played with loads of spirit and resolve :P

Tuesday 18th: We went to Amsterdam that day and we went to the Red Light District. I saw some sex shops and some women in the windows. Some of the women looked really fierce, they were banging the windows and were huge. One of our teachers had a friend who works there as a charity worker helpin the prostitutes so we went to see her. Then we took the train from Holland to Belgium

Wednesday 19th: At the start of the day we had a 2hr fitness session in over 30 degree heat :879. It was really tough but it did me no harm :345678. We then had showers at the hockey club that we were training. Then we went to a town called Ghent and we were supposed to have a guided tour of the place, but the tour guide didnt show up so we had two hours of free time. It was soo boring there was nothing in the town :S. Sorry to any people from Ghent :/

Thursday 20th: In the morning we went to a military museum. It was all right. There were old planes and tanks and stuff that was pretty cool. Then in the evening we went to play a team called Herkales and it poured down with rain! It was a thunder and lightning shower and we were warming up on the water based pitch at we got soaked and the pitch got flooded :S. We ended up playin on the sand based pitch which I hate, but we still won 7-1. The goal was a penalty stroke, a bit like a soccer penalty but in hockey instead.

Friday 21st: We travelled by bus from Brussels to Cologne, it was long enough but I slept most of the way so I was fine. We then went to the Sports museum in Cologne. They had world records set out for the pole vault, high jump, long jump and the distance of the 100m. I couldn’t belive Usain Bolt could run that in under 10 seconds! The other ones were unbelievable too. Its amazing how amazing they are when you see them literally

Saturday 22nd: We went to a club called Schwarz Weiss Bonn and spent the whole day there. We had a training session in the morning, a match in the afternoon, which we won comfortably 8-1. The goal was soft :/. Then we had a bbq at night. Legends! :345678

Sunday 23rd: We then took a four hour train journey to Berlin. It was nice enough though
. Then we took an awsum tour of Berlin. We went to the Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag, The Holocaust Memorial, The Holocaust Memorial Museum. The Finance place which was used in Valkyrie, The remains of the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie. We also saw the window were MJ hung his child from which was across from the Brandenburg Gate :345678. I was disappointed by the Berlin Wall as I thought it was a huge big wall, but it was just a wee concrete wall :/. Then we had a really nice dinner in the Sony Centre

Monday 24th: We went to a team called Spandau. We had a training session in the morning and I got hit on my toes inside my kicker. It really hurt for some reason, so I hopped off and checked it out and it was an infected ingrown toenail :S. I didn’t no if I was goin 2 play the match but I skipped out the rest of the day and I played. We were expecting this team to be amazing but they were crap :S. We were ordered by our coach to play defensive passing hockey to get the most out of the last game. We kicked there asses still winnin 9-0 :786

Tuesday 25th: We went to Sacsenhaussen Concentration camp that day. It was pretty boring. I know it was sad, but it was boring as we were impatient to get home :345678. We then went to a Shopping Center, had lunch then went to the airport and came home

Sorry that was so long :S. Danee wanted every detail so I did :345678 :786

Hope you liked reading it (if you could be bothered to read it all :3456780) :786

This is definately a trip that every non-european should do. You've seen the good things in North West Europe! And, well, asno improtant: you did well sportswise!

I'm proud. Great story btw  :9899

I am proud of you as well. Proud of the guy who means so much to this forum and proud of the person you are.  Having this , and other interests only serves to make you a better, well rounded person. 

Thank-you very much! 


I second Martijn and Danee's comments.  :3145 Congrats on the successful tour mate and the brilliant travel report.!! Glad to see you back too  :786


--- Quote from: Toddo on August 31, 2009, 03:21:10 pm ---I second Martijn and Danee's comments.  :3145 Congrats on the successful tour mate and the brilliant travel report.!! Glad to see you back too  :786

--- End quote ---
Glad to be back Todd :786


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