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Re: VIDEO: Nudist Activist Gypsy Taub Disrobes During Court Hearing
« Reply #15 on: November 28, 2012, 11:29:59 pm »
San Francisco's impending nude ban set to spark more public nudity

Nudists made their displeasure known last week by stripping naked during a close Board of Supervisors vote to ban public nudity citywide. And with a few months to go before the new ordinance officially becomes law, the political corridors of San Francisco could be filled with naked rage through the holidays.

Christina DiEdoarado, an attorney representing nudists who intend to challenge the law in federal court, said nudists will be out in force Wednesday at a meeting of the Democratic County Central Committee, at a rally on the City Hall steps on Friday, and for the board’s required and usually perfunctory second vote on the ordinance Dec. 4.

If Mayor Ed Lee signs the law shortly after that vote, a federal judge would likely decide in January whether to issue a temporary injunction, which could delay the law’s Feb. 1 implementation date while nudists argue that the new regulations violate their First Amendment free expression rights.

Ban sponsor Supervisor Scott Wiener says while he has no personal problem with nudity, the frequent nakedness in his Castro district has gotten out of hand and generated too many complaints. He also said the behavior of nudists during last week’s vote was completely inappropriate and mishandled by Sheriff’s Department deputies charged with keeping order in the board chambers.

Although deputies were ready with light blue blankets to cover participants during the impromptu nude-in, Wiener complained that the melee delayed the board’s business and “got out of control.”

“I support their right to protest, they were making a point, and I got the point,” Wiener said. “The Sheriff’s Department did not adequately staff the board chambers.”

Although being naked violates the rules of conduct at City Hall, it is technically still legal in San Francisco, so the most deputies can do is ask the demonstrators to put their clothes back on or face eviction from the building.

Wiener added that deputies also failed to keep order during the contentious hearing that ended in the reinstatement of then-suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. Members of the public — some of whom said they were victims of domestic abuse — were booed by Mirkarimi supporters when they implored supervisors to remove the sheriff permanently.

The supervisor said that while the voices of nudists and Mirkarimi supporters were certainly the loudest ones heard at those respective hearings, they did not necessarily reflect the views of the public at large. Contacted for comment Monday, the Sheriff’s Department did not respond to the criticism as of press time.

Meanwhile, DiEdoarado said nudists plan to be as loud and present as ever, possibly with plenty more sudden nakedness, despite what Wiener thinks of it.

“It may happen; it’s up to my clients,” she said. “How does he expect them to respond? Write polite letters to the editor? To some extent, if you attack people, they fight back. This is a can of worms that the supervisor opened.”

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:
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Re: VIDEO: Nudist Activist Gypsy Taub Disrobes During Court Hearing
« Reply #16 on: November 29, 2012, 03:58:50 am »
I guess that will be always a recurrent problem to Naturists - dumb fellows who can't seem to understand that there's a difference between nakedness and sexual behavior.

Alleged Cock Ring Patrol Upsets Castro Nudists
By Erin Sherbert Thu., Sep. 6 2012 at 3:50 PM 15 Comments
Categories: Only in SF, Queer, SF Oddities, Sexytime


What is annoying is trying to get a drink in the Castro
Believe it or not, being a nudist doesn't always make for a liberating life.

Just ask the naked folks of the Castro, who claim San Francisco cops are on unofficial "Cock Ring Patrol" in the Castro, which is exactly what it sounds like: cops cracking down on nudists wearing cock rings.

Mitch Hightower, a local nudist, says in an e-mail to SF Weekly that cock-ring-wearing exhibitionists "frequenting the area report that either a duo or trio of cops approach selected male nudists and inform them that wearing cock rings draws undue attention to the genitals, and is therefore, under the law, considered to be lewd conduct." He went on to say that those nudists were told they would have to register as sex offenders if they are busted with the sex toy in public.

Obviously, we wanted to know more. So we contacted SFPD, which tried its best to explain the very fine line between laying around naked and wearing a cock ring in public, especially if it's used to arouse the penis.
First off, Officer Carlos Manfredi denied that cops are on penis patrol in the Castro. In fact, the only time on-duty cops are required to even approach a nudist is if someone has called to complain that they are aggravated by the flapping penises. Same goes for the cock ring, Manfredi tells us.

"If a person is offended by it or annoyed in any way, we can respond and cite the person, but we can't just [walk up] and say this is something we will cite you for," he says.

Read SFPD's Policy on Public Nudity here

But it's not that simple. If a cock ring is arousing the nudist -- which it's meant to do -- the that could create a really uncomfortable scene.

"I don't know if you have to be aroused for it to stay on -- I'm not sure -- but if the person is aroused and bringing undue attention, then they can be charged for lewd and lascivious," Manfredi told us. 

Manfredi says he supposes that, like nudists, people would have to be offended enough by the endless erection before police would actually do something about it. Fortunately, in San Francisco, the cops don't get too many complaints. "Usually people are tolerant [of cock rings in public], but it will be a call that will spark out attention."

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Re: VIDEO: Nudist Activist Gypsy Taub Disrobes During Court Hearing
« Reply #17 on: November 29, 2012, 05:42:39 pm »
well good on her. She's been discussed here before and the fact she is doing non-violent protest is probably the best option. I can only imagine how uncomfortable those guards felt while holding her there.
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