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Halo the forerunner saga by craig bear
« on: November 14, 2012, 10:02:14 pm »
Both books that are out have probably been the best read I've had yet and how it corresponded with the game blew my mind.
 I've never felt what I have for a book of this kind in my life and im highly recommend this book you don't even have to be a halo fan to read them as for the time being.
 it follows bornsteler chckas raiser the diect and their long journey to save the forerunners from ok ive let u in on too much but the bond I've felt with the diect made the part of meeting him in halo 4 that much harder to dislike the character in the game but the book gave me a higher understanding of the halo universe and a hint of what is to come but if ur a halo fan u will be left with ur jaw at the floor by the end of the second book.
I hope you folks have a read and share :)
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