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Maryland Health Society


Frank: is a great club that I was a member of for 3 years and still occasionally visit as a guest.  They're family friendly, and generally a super nice bunch of folks.  It's located in Maryland, not too far outside of Washington, DC.  Mainly wooded camping areas but they do have a club house with a pool and a sandy volleyball area as well.  It's a mix of cabins, trailer lots, and campsites.

Id love to get more of a personnal account of this place.

I joined again, and am currently a member.  Their website is and is currently being re-designed, hopefully for a new launch early next year.  Everyone there is super friendly, and they're not unfriendly toward single guys unless you give them reason to be.  Give them a call or shoot them an email at :)

Hey! Recently joined here but haven't been to this particular resort. Is it decently attended on most days? I couldn't find anything online about it really


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