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Star Trek: Pick your Crew

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Pick your top Star Trek Crew from any series.

Best Captain
First Officer
Chief Engineer


Picard (no contest)
Spock (among the ones that stay in that position for most of the show)
Odo (I like all those non-human obsever type characters like Spock, Data, Odo and such.)
Bashir (Favorite DS9 character)
Trip (I know, nobody but me likes Enterprise, but he was my favorite from that season. Scotty and Geordi are close, though.)
Paris (Hoped to get away without any VOY, but he is clearly the most memorable; Sulu always seemed to be a fairly minor character for a member of the core bridge team to me, but I am not that much of a TOS guy.)
Dukat (was there any other real villain?)

Also, what about stuff like Science, Operations, Tactical and such? This crew definitely needs more Data.

It's hard to use science or tactical because not all incarnations of ST had these positions.

Spock was both the Science and 1st Officer.

Kirk's crew had a communications officer etc.

Not all crews had tactical. I tried to pick positions that most if not all the crews had.

Best Captain - Kirk. The original and best
First Officer - Riker. A Kirk in the making.
Security - Tuvok. Actually a bit of a psychopath
Doctor - McCoy. I don't think he was ever sober.
Chief Engineer - Scotty. There can be only one.
Helmsman - Anyone but Wesley.
Villain  - Jack the Ripper, AKA Beratis, AKA Kesla, AKA Hengist, AKA the Enterprise's computer, AKA Jaris, AKA Hengist (again)

Best Captain - Janeway (she's mental and push her too hard and she'll blow up the ship)
First Officer - Riker (yum!)
Security - Worf (Klingon's are cool)
Doctor - Bones from the latest film (Karl Urban ... yum! yum!)
Chief Engineer - B'elanna Tores (she might get it together with Worf, although Scotty from the latest film played by Simon Pegg would be fun)
Helmsman - Yeah whatever
Villain - Borg


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