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--- Quote ---Have you ever wondered why Australian nudists don't have more fun things to do in life other than play a few sports and laze at the beach? Recently I have started making enquiries of activity providers and found that a number of them are quite happy to offer nudist adventure experiences just as they do for our textile counterparts. My recent enquiries have been into skiing, flying, caving, tandem skydiving, kite surfing, kayaking, para sailing, wine tasting, bush walking, surfing, tandem hang gliding, dinner parties, helicopter flights, archery, target shooting, adventure tours, wine tastings/tours, dolphin/whale watching, skydiving, abseiling, ballooning, snorkeling, diving, sailing, jet skiing, farm stays, horse riding, outback tours, white water rafting, canoeing, and fishing trips. If you are interested in participating, please express your interest by visiting http://oznudism. blogspot. com/2009/ 09/nude-adventur e-activities. html and completing the form there. The more interest we have the more likely these events will happen.
--- End quote ---


On the right hand side of this blog, there are some good resource links to various C/O places for you lucky Aussies!

Great article though I must say naked sky diving or skiing has never quite appealed. Think of the shrinkage  :543 :765

Brilliant find Danee!!!! Thank you! Looks like I'm going to have a busy summer :)

Just realised the guy doing this blog is the creator of the Aussie Naturists forum of which I am a member (though somewhat infrequent). Looks like he has had positive responses from 11 businesses around Australia who want the naturist business.
--- Quote ---businesses willing to offer nudist activities. Thus far they include abseiling, cruise charters, rock climbing, trekking, bush walking, mountain biking, canyoning and even a private safari camp. Such events would require a group booking,
--- End quote ---
Pretty cool hey?

He now has 22 businesses who are willing to try nudists adventures. The adventures I have so far include bungee jumping, ballooning, abseiling, luxury cruising, caving, rock climbing, guided bush walks & eco tours, 4WDing, horseriding, quad biking, outback tours, farm stays and activities, dolphin cruises and swimming with dolphins, canoeing, fishing, camping, diving, sailing, and the possibility of a ghost tour.

Come on Aussie members, lets get a group together and do something. What do you say?

All that popped into my head when you said that was the Beatles' Come Together, but I'm up for something social :)


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