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Martijn (Merrd), illness (German rough translation)

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Words cannot express how much I appreciate the attention I go through both this thread and the numerous e-mails. Especially with a contagious illness like the one I'm suffering from at the moment company is something that can really help you trough as the amounts of visits I get is rather limited (don't want to spread the love :P).

To give a brief update on what has been happening. Thursday I went home from practice after I felt dizzy and nauseous.. I thought it had to do with the lack of food, but when my muscles started to hurt and my head joined in as well I had to call a doctor from a hospital nearby, who gave me the great news! A friend from school took me to my parents' place, where they arrived on the friday (it's my dads birthday this week, they wanna do that over here) spoiled over the weekend. And for the first time I can say that I'm feeling a little better :)

Again, so many thanks. I know that although we have no bond like you have with your friends in 'real life' the warmth and the wishes I read in the emails made me smile, and more then that...gave me energy! Thanks guys!

Allways yours,


Glad to hear your feeling better Martijn :786


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