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Finally!! A book I can read
« on: January 04, 2013, 09:01:26 pm »
Since school the only thing I read is the sports pages in the newspapers. Its not that I can't read, I am a pretty good reader. I just don't have the patience for it. Usually I get about half way through the first chapter and I'm just so bored. At that point nothing I read goes in so I have no idea what is happening and I end up having to read the same thing over and over again, then I just get frustrated and give up. But, I have finally found something I can read and enjoy. I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. And while watching an episode of the second series a friend of mine, who reads a lot of comics and graphic novels etc. told me about the Walking Dead graphic novel. So I decided that it was time I tried to get back into reading. I'm sure a most of you have noticed how bad my spelling and punctuation has got, and I can promise it wasn't this bad when I was at school. So I thought by getting into reading again, hopefully this can improve. Being such a huge fan of The Walking Dead TV series and of zombies in general I thought The Walking Dead graphic novels would be the perfect thing to get me back into reading. Whilst searching for the graphic novel, Kayla came across a new spin-off series of books about The Governor, who has become a huge part in the TV series and I assume in the graphic novels too. The first book, the one I am reading now, is called The Rise Of The Governor. It basically tells you the story of The Governor before woodbury. The story follows Phillip Blake (The Governor), his daughter Penny, older brother Brian and friends Nick and Bobby as they travel through Georgia trying to survive 'the plague'. The first half of the book, which is as far as I have got, is about their journey to Atlanta where they have a heard a refugee camp has been set up, but as any zombie fans will know, there never is a refugee camp or safe haven etc. The book is very graphic, sometimes more gruesome than the TV series. And it never strays too far from the action. There is something scary and/or exciting in every chapter. It describes in great detail the emotions and state of mind of each character at every major event. Has anybody here read the graphic novels, or The Rise of The Governor?
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