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Alexander Gusov photographer / wife and tribeswomen

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I love this woman!  Good for her. 

n 2003, photographer Alexander Gusov visited Namibia on assignment, his wife, Sasha accompanied him on the trip.
While Alex was shooting a native tribe, Sasha decided she felt a bit excluded and that she would put everyone at ease, by removing her blouse to be equal with her female counterparts.
hilarity ensued.


A great story, thanks for sharing it, Danee.

All beautiful photos, my favorite was this one:

Nice fotos!
Hey Danee where do you dig out all these great pics, vids, etc.??


--- Quote from: mynick81 on January 14, 2013, 04:19:48 pm ---Nice fotos!
Hey Danee where do you dig out all these great pics, vids, etc.??

--- End quote ---

I would love to say thats why they pay me the huge money here, to make things current and interesting?   :909 :909

Good on her for deciding to do the old "when in Rome" thing to fit in with the locals.

Reminds me of a story I heard from the host of Destination Truth about a time when his co-star Erin Ryder did the exact opposite when they were in a tribal village in, I think, Africa.  The tribspeople do these really elaborate body painting rituals and she took an interest in what the various markings symbolize.  One of the women offered to paint her and she agreed.  Than the woman told her to take off her clothes and she refused.  It lead to an awkward conversation because how do you explain to a naked woman who has no concept of modesty that it would embarrass you to take off your clothes?


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