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What is Nudism and Why Nude Recreation ?

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A Vitamin D Deficiency
When I was a young boy about 9 yrs. old, my mother took me to a doctor because I was weak and tired all the time. After testing my system the doctor told my mother that I had a Vitamin D deficiency, or a need for total sunlight on my body.
In the early 50s being nude outside was a hard thing to accomplish. The doctor explained to my mother and I that my body was not processing bone marrow because I wasn't getting much sunlight. He said it's like a bear storing up winter fat to survive the winter. My little body needed total sunlight a few times a week to build up my immune system so I would feel normal.
It was summer time so my mother took me down to a small pond behind our house and told me to strip down and just play in the pond for about an hour. It was an amazing feeling when I took off all my cloths and jumped into the pond. At first my mom was looking all around for anyone else around. After a few weeks of almost daily swims and sunning sessions, I was starting to feel much better physically and my mind never felt more relaxed.
After a month or so, my mom just told me to go down the pond whenever I felt like it. It was a hot day in July when I was swimming and watching the fish when my neighbor girl came down to the pond when she heard some water splashing. I was so relaxed being nude that I asked her to strip off and come in and play in the mud with me. Much to my surprise she stripped down and ran into the water like she was meant to be a nudist like me.
We were only 9 years old and having the time of our little lives playing and getting muddy. Both of us made our nude swimming times our secret and no one ever found out. We had our secret code that we used when everyone would be gone for the day or a certain day after school that we could hit the pond. Over the years we found a lot of different places to swim nude like some of the big creeks that had some clean and fairly deep places to swim and watch the fish. We were both 15 when we were learning about our bodies in school. Sex was not an issue with us because we were good friends and totally protected our fun times in different places. When we saw each other at school we just winked and went about our day.
Over the years I have learned the physical and mental comforts and benefits of a nudist lifestyle. In 1986 I was traveling in northern California when I found a little isolated beach just waiting for me. About an hour into my nude beach day some other people showed up and we were immediately comfortable with our bodies. My life's direction drastically changed when I was only 9 years old because of a vitamin deficiency. Even today I can't go swimming in a public pool because I have to wear a suit. I wish I could find some nudist friends with a private back yard pool. All I can add to this is if you have any stress problems, all you have to do to eliminate your stress is...GO SKINNY DIPPING.
-Prof. Donald
Palm Bay, Florida


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