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China: Sanya's nudist beach cause for debate

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--- Quote from: nudetrail on April 07, 2013, 12:29:01 am ---did not think I would see a nude beach in china of all the places.

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Why not? They've got all kinds of nude hotsprings.

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In china ,not very common to have nude beaches?how many would there be?

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I think so..
Nude spa is common in Taiwan & Japan only but not for China..

It seems to be very common in mongolia - not sure about the rest of china.

The only nude beach I've ever been to was the one in Sanya, actually. I just talked about my experience in another thread, but I'll copy it here: Originally, a group of local men starting getting naked in the area to get some relief for their psoriasis. Once it became clear that the government was going to take a neutral stance to nudity on that part of the beach (neither condemning nor condoning it), more people started getting naked in the area for recreational reasons, including foreigners. I went there once, and it's the one and only nude beach experience I have.

The day I went, there was the group of older, very dark Chinese men. They're the ones who get naked for medical reasons. There were a few other Chinese men of various ages at the edge of the beach and in the water. And there were a few foreigners of both genders a little further away on the beach. When I knew I was in the right spot, I decided to just get naked right away so I wouldn't talk myself out of it. I pulled down my shorts and had one of the most liberating feelings ever. The sun and the wind touching my whole body felt great. I wasn't aroused, but my body wasn't quite used to the sensation and I had an involuntary reaction that forced me into the water pretty quickly. That was a blessing in disguise! Skinny dipping in the ocean was amazing, and I hope to do it again some day. The only odd part for me was that families would often walk along the nude area to get to the clothed area (and they're fully clothed doing so, of course). When I was ready to get out of the water, I kept waiting for a family to pass by first because I felt awkward walking right up near them in the nude. I'm sure they were aware of the other naked people there and probably wouldn't have walked that way if they had a problem with it. But I was still getting used to the new experience. I finally got out of the water, sat on the beach for awhile, got dressed, and headed back to where I was staying. I didn't wind up talking to anybody since there were only a limited number of foreigners who might know English. That's one of my regrets, but now I have something new to conquer next time I go to a nude beach. It was a short, but very successful first nude beach experience.

I love how begrudgingly the article is written. So much use of the phrase, "So called"...


--- Quote from: 514 on October 27, 2015, 12:09:15 am ---Any updates on this beach's situation?

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Yes, sadly....this from last year.

Bare-bottomed bathers on China's only nudist beach have been ordered to cover up by the local government in a bid to create a 'civilised social environment'.

--- Quote ---The local council said they had been forced to act after being flooded with complaints particularly from families who said they could not go there with their children because of the large number of naked men.
They confirmed that the nude sunbathers were always men, adding that was no problem with women stripping off their clothes on the beach.

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Apparently, some Chinese have a problem with C's and B's...


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