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Hoff Appreciation Day 2013

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Hello old chaps, it is our annual Hoff Appreciation Day again, and like every year, this means changes to the community.

Just like the Hoff is getting more mature with age, none of us are getting any younger, and most of the old naked wrinkly outdoor person community is too old for all this "young" stuff anyway with hardly anybody under 40 present and many people around 60. So welcome to the 2030s version of our community in which we are all a bit older. Even The Hoff.

Keep in mind that this is the first test of our time machine, so I cannot guarantee that the ride will be smooth. We are off to a slow start anyway, but hey, none of us are getting younger, are we? Well, we will if the reverse gear of the time machine works, but that also rusted with age, so yeah. Let us hope this thing does not kick the bucket while we are in the 2030s.

Oh, and please be careful when editing posts that were made before we entered the time machine, we do not want to cause any paradoxes.

Love it! I'm a bit more gray today and a few more wrinkles but glad we are all still here and still chatting.

I have to say that we have ALL aged pretty well  :786

Hello Delta
You caught me big time with the annual hoff appreciation day - I've had a good laugh and do feel rather old today, ha ha

Haha I thought we had seen enough Hoff on here and that the phase had passed. Please don't bring it back again.  :322


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