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Topless Swedish beach bunny sparks outrage

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Swedish mother Maja Koppfeldt was looking at an area map outside a local store with her 10-year-old son to try and locate the Bovallsstrand beach, located at the tip of an islet in Sotenäs municipality.

They found an old-fashioned drawing of a curvaceous brunette, with bare breasts, marking the spot.

"It worries me that women are always seen as sexual objects," wrote Maja Koppfeldt on a blog on the website

"She is supposed to symbolize a municipal beach... I find it astounding that a picture like this would make it onto an official map. Who decided that she should look this way?"

Koppfeldt added that she was used to women portrayed in a sexual manner in the media, but said she was surprised it had spread to municipal level.

"When it goes so far that we are even portrayed this way on a tourist map, it scares me," she wrote.

The local tourist board, meanwhile, defended itself by saying the buxom woman had been used to mark the beach's location for years.

"It's been that way since the dawn of time," board chairman Göran Olsson told the local Bohuslänningen newspaper. He said the board was meeting on Thursday and would discuss the symbol then.

Koppfeldt did not think harking back to days gone by was an adequate defence.

"That's part of the problem. We have to stop living in the past and look ahead," she told The Local.

"It's just totally wrong and pointless. They should change the image."

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--- Quote from: Danee on May 22, 2013, 02:21:34 am ---

"That's part of the problem. We have to stop living in the past and look ahead," she told The Local.

--- End quote ---

Look ahead, you say? Stop living in the past, you say? Changing the sign seems kinda pointless to me.
If people want to be offended by a simple cartoon character the size of a matchbox with bare breasts,
then they will be offended by a simple cartoon character. I wouldn't see her as the progressive type either.

This is the definition of "butthurt".  Right there.

Sick sad world  :undecided: I understand that some people think they see sex almost everywhere even if it was something as natural as woman's body. And if woman's bare chest has something to do with sex, is it considered to be the same thing if this woman with her child sees a couple having an intimate moment in the bushes of the beach?

There is an update.  It looks like they are giving in, based on one complaint.

On Tuesday, the head of the local tourism board, Göran Olsson, took matters into his own hands.

"We will have a meeting on Thursday where I will propose that it is removed," he told the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper (SvD).

"Hopefully it will have already disappeared by Friday. The fact that one person has complained is enough."

Olsson claimed to have no response to the allegations of sexism aimed at the tourism board, but added that it was "strange that breasts can arouse so much attention."


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