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Ashville, NC, USA: "Go Topless" Comes To Bele Chere
« on: July 28, 2013, 12:54:52 pm »

Bele Chere kicked off earlier today, and a few women from out of town came to get their point across. A group of women walked around topless to make a statement about women's equality. They say that since men can walk around without their shirts off, they should be able to do the same. The women are from Alabama, and are part of a movement holding topless rallies nationwide, including the past two years in Asheville. Right now, there is no city ordinance prohibiting women from going topless, but the law varies by city and county.

 Earlier this year in may, state representative Tim Moffitt introduced a bill to ban showing womens breasts in public. These women say that's not fair, but others say its not appropriate.

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