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Rubber Band Ball!

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I dont know if this is much of a hobby but more of a collection... So ive been collecting rubberbands since i was 4 gradually over time. Ive been making them into a rubber band ball. it is 43 inches ( or 110 cm for everyone else in the world) in diameter and weighs 40 pounds ( or about 18 kilos).maybe one day ill have a record for the biggest balls :D
Any one else have some sort of collection?

That is cool beyond words. I have a collection of empty beer and cider bottles.... *Hangs head in shame* xD

I just tie them tohether to make larger rubberbands.

That is freakin' impressive! Just one question. Does it still bounce?

18 kilos, haha! OH MY.

My dad has an enormous coin collection (almost every coin of every nation)
My mom collects wine.. (Yes..)
And I have a collection of soccer jerseys.


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