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Susan Boyle-Britains got talent

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Hes already famouse!? thats not cool

Whatever happened with the competition. Did she move on or get eliminated?

She's still in. And she got a makeover. Which didn't help too much tho.
And she rejected the invitation from Barack to have dinner with him. haha. because she rather stays at home.  :909

This year has been great, I mean you forget all the dancers, Diversity? Brilliant!

And Susan got through tonight (no suprise) and she was still amazing. The others didn't stand a chance.

Susan is our representative in these dark time's and thiers no regretting that.

And I didnt really like Shaheen that much though, don't know why.

hehe sounds like this guy is an idiot  :909

--- Quote ---Breakdancing grandad 'a welfare cheat 14:30 AEST Mon May 25 2009 NineMSN News:

"A breakdancing grandfather who wowed judges with his energetic performance on Britain's Got Talent is being investigated for disability welfare fraud.

Fred Bowers, 73, currently receives $446 a week and a free car after telling officials he had an injured left leg, The Sun newspaper reports.

But on Saturday night Mr Bowers appeared on the talent show, where he flipped his legs and spun on his back in front of millions of viewers.

He was voted through to the semi-finals with the show's toughest judge Simon Cowell declaring: "This is why I love doing this show, because of people like you Fred."

Mr Bowers is now in the running for the $203,000 grand prize and an appearance on the Royal Variety Show.

According to The Sun, Mr Bowers receives a $143 disability allowance, a $99 mobility allowance and $203 in income support.

A spokesman from the Department of Work and Pensions said they were investigating Mr Bowers after seeing his performance.

Mr Bowers yesterday defended claims he was a welfare crook, saying his injured left leg did not stop him dancing.

"It’s mostly my back, neck and head that I move so I don’t see what the problem is because it is my leg that's bad," he was quoted as saying.

"I'm not earning a penny through my dancing yet so I don't see the problem until I start earning.

"I'm likely to make a lot of money through my dancing and when I do I'll get in touch with Motability and the payments will stop.

"Somebody is jealous, that's all."
--- End quote ---


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