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Perhaps the biggest nudist resort in the world can be found in Argentina . At about 65 kilometers from the Argentine city of Córdoba , at kilometer 769 of Route 28 ( camino a Los Gigantes ) find Yatan Rumi largest nudist reserve in the world . This reserve has a beautiful landscape with several runs and the Rockies , where the water from seeping through . Moreover, natural water slides and waterfalls and of course the beautiful flora and fauna typical of the mountains . Yatan Rumi was born from February 15, 2003 , considered the founder need to share with multiple friends in one place . Naturist activities Yatan Rumi has a rustic lodge with a capacity for 12 people , room with fireplace , bathroom, showers , hot water , kitchen, enjoy a clean comfortable accommodation where you can. For the adventurous , there is a campground surrounded by trees . You can participate in various activities such as guided hikes , horseback riding, volleyball , body paint , and there is also a small library . , it is requested to follow the strict rules for naturism / nudism and thereby affect the nature respectfully .

Sounds fantastic ! :4345

I always wanted to visit Argentina and that place looks AMAZING

that place is amazing just have to win lotto to get there.

Hey, I live in Argentina - Buenos Aires that is the capital, but that resort is in another city, far from here :( haha. Well, I'm looking for more places here, I will let you know if interested.


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