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Introductions locked after two weeks

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Hey guys.  If anyone was wondering why some introductions are locked and some not, it is not a reflection on the community 'resident'.  What is done at random times, is that when we see that a person has an introduction and it is over two weeks old, sometimes others keep giving them welcomes and that pushes that thread to the top of the page, bumping brand new people below them. 

We feel two weeks is enough time to get acquainted and welcome new people to the village of IYNO and we certainly ask you all to do that, but that is the reason some intros are locked after two weeks.  Thanks!


thats a good idea!!!!

good plan. it got confusing after a while  :afro:

Good idea, and great poster Danee!

I feel as though this plan is a good one. Cabby approves.


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