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Railroading and Railfanning

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Any railfans here? I have been interested in railways for years probably because our next door neighbour was a train driver.

Jopartain on here is, he loves trains.

I am thinking about trying to get back into model railroading after a 10 year hiatus (long story) I want to do HO Scale, I have a bunch of HO scale stuff already

I don't have much of a long or short term plan, my long term plan is of course everyone elses, build something huge

just thought i'd share with everyone

We get a lot of huuuge trains here so I try to snap pictures whenever I can. It's also possible to walk right up to the engines when they're idling on sidings in smaller towns - I haven't actually talked to any engineers yet but I'd love to get a look inside one.

I really like trains.  Unfortunately we do not get enough of them around here . . . there is no passenger service here except for summer excursion trains.  Mostly I see unit trains of crude oil going to the refinery or LPG leaving the regasification port.  There is some variety, though nothing like you would see in the US Mid-West or out in Alberta.
Confession time . . . a friend and I bagged a freight last summer.   :879  We got all dressed up in camo then hopped a wood chip train and rode it for 270 km on top of one of the loads . . . out of sight of anyone not in an aircraft we didn't get caught.  We had a little picnic enroute and we even did a little naked sunbathing just for bragging rights.  It was a lot of fun and it was really exciting, but it was an incredibly stupid thing to do.  BIG lecture from my lawyer uncle afterward.

Cross that one off the ol' bucket list.

(It is not my own photo and the power isn't pulling the right sort of cars but it is the right railway)


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