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I enjoy reading the two main Aussie nudist magazines TAN and Australian Sun & Health. I get the digital versions of these but still enjoy reading the physical magazine so I often grab a copy from the newsagent. There are a few newsagents around where I live/work that sell these two magazines. I find it rather amusing to see the different reactions from the newsagent employees when I purchase these magazines. I often also purchase another type of magazine to put the employee off guard with the nudist magazine given to them on the bottom.

Those of you that purchase nudist magazines, do you get embarrassed when purchasing? Do you worry who is going to see you purchasing? Any strange/funny reactions from the cashier or other shoppers when purchasing ? etc...

I get asked if I would like a bag for it that's about all.

I remember buying H&E in shop once, the cashier seemed a bit rushed to put it through and take my money. Other than that no I have never had any funny looks.

I have never seen a nude centered publication in the magazine stand in the US other than those for pornography. I wish that was not the case. It would be great if everyday american's had more access to the lifestyle. Looking forward to seeing the different cultural views when my wife and I do some travel.

Didn't know you could buy porn at the corner newstand in the US - surprised with all the puritan angst the country has this has been allow to continue


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