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Haven't done exactly that but a few years ago when Art Monthly made the news for using Olympia as Lewis Carroll's Beatrice Hatch Before White Cliffs as its cover image (in response to police confiscating then returning certain of Henson's artworks then on display at a gallery) I bought a copy after it had been given the all clear by the classification board and the person on the counter briefly asked if that was the one that caused the controversy. I said it was and we had a bit of a chat about how the magazine intended it to restore balance to the conversation. The counter person wasn't into art but certainly didn't think there was anything wrong with an image like that.

When "Borders" book stores used to exist, they carried "Naturally" magazine. A very VERY velveeta read. I bought one for shits & giggles.

I joined the federation a while ago and they have their own magazine they send 4 times a year. I liked reading through it but it comes in a fully transparent foil and since I live in a student complex and all incoming mail is thrown on the pile for everyone to sort, I asked them to not send me physical copies. I don't feel like it would be a bad thing for others to know at all, but I just don't feel too comfy at the place I'm living at now  :sad:. When I move in not too long I'll probably sign up again.


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