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Tips for expanding your naked comfort zone

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Great suggestions, first times you feel strange, but it's just a matter of getting used


--- Quote ---Whenever possible, don’t wear shoes.
    It’s a start to more completely reducing what you wear. Going barefoot is very pleasurable when you can’t be naked. Wearing flip-flops is almost as good. Not wearing ordinary shoes is acceptable almost everywhere (except maybe at work). Women often do this more naturally, but it may be unconventional enough for men to be an indication that one is comfortable with the extra exposure.
--- End quote ---

This is something I learned within the last year!

I was a member of a gym that had gender-separate bathing facilities about a year ago. This meant separate locker room, showers, sauna and steam room. I had taken my shower sandals out of my gym bag at home for whatever reason and completely forgot to put them back in there. I was used to walking around from the shower to the sauna to the steam room with just my towel in my hand and my sandals on my feet. Everyone else was doing it, so I was very comfortable. I hate wearing shoes though!

On the day that I forgot my sandals, I was just going to skip the whole scene because the thought of walking on the floor kinda grossed me out  :undecided: I decided to actually carry through with my ritual (I went on very stressful days and just meditated in the steam room) and the vibe that I carried was completely different from that of when I was wearing sandals. I felt a sense of "just me." I guess that I felt as if the sandals were keeping me tethered to the idea of having clothing. It was such a freeing experience.

I do tend to wear sandals at the gym showers (fear or germs or stepping in slime) and when I go to the beach (scared of stepping on broken bottles). Other than when necessary, the shoes are gone. My boyfriend usually takes off his shoes when we go to a restaurant and will sit with his legs folded in the seat, which I'm not a big fan of for sanitary reasons.

All good tips

But vajayjay is so much fun to say. XD

Mmm these are great tips here. Thanks for sharing!


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