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Staffordshire University student Georgina Thompson to snap naked naturists for photography project
SNAP HAPPY: Georgina Thompson with one of her exhibits. Picture: Mark Scott

NOT many students spend their weekend travelling around the country, snapping pictures of people in the nude.

But Staffordshire University's Georgina Thompson, 20, has decided to do just that as part of her course.

Between now and June, the photojournalism student, who lives in Shelton, will visit naturist conventions, societies, groups and meetings, taking photographs for her final-year exhibition.

She has been to Newcastle to snap naked swimmers at Newcastle's Jubilee Baths travelled to London to photograph naturists and spent a day with them at Alton Towers trying out some of the world's scariest rollercoasters.

Georgina says she hopes to counter the preconceptions about going nude and lay bare the mysteries of the UK's naturist communities.
"Socially it's seen as a private thing and isn't something that is really publicly accepted, but there's no law against it," she explained. "Naturism is something that not many artists have ever explored but it's actually really growing in the UK.
"The people I've photographed are very friendly. They've asked me if I would like to get involved but I would never do it myself.
"I usually grab a friend to come with me to events, just in case. My parents have laughed at me when I told them about the project because they would expect me to do anything like this. They think it's hilarious."
The other 14 people on Georgina's course at Staffordshire University have chosen to do projects on subjects such as women in politics, women in power and sport.

Her housemate Charlotte Marnie, an English student, says Georgina constantly pushes the boundaries.

The 20-year-old said: "Georgina always looks to stand out from the crowd and do something different. She is so devoted, working from nine to all hours. Whereas other people find fun outside their studies, she finds fun in her work."

Georgina, who is originally from the Isle of Man has previously exhibited on topics including astrology, coffee and even chocolate. She says her photographs will be included in two art exhibitions and a portfolio.

"The images will be blown up and combined with words and thoughts from the naturists and put on display," she said. "I want people to get a sense of direction from the words, not just to interpret the photographs. I don't get anybody to pose for photographs. I want it to be natural." Georgina, who wants to be a magazine photojournalist, received a Think Big Grant from O2, after the phone provider was impressed with her project. She said she will use this for trips, snapping more naturists around the country.

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Re: Staffordshire University student Georgina Thompson to snap naturists
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She would never join in? Brings a friend in case of what?

I find it strange someone would want to lay bare the truth of social nudity smile having an advert reaction to joining in.
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