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Is Nudism OK for our kids?

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I feel like people don't want to raise their kids around nudity as a body issue they themselves have not only because if people that wouldn't understand n accept naturism would call them perverts. They could also have very strong uptight religious beliefs that prevent them from it. If more people in the world just started burning all their clothes n just went birthday suit 24/7 then people would finally accept that nudity is not just a sexually intimate thing between couples but also a part of being free...truly free of all the restrictions of who is better dressed n who looks hotter in a gucci (goo-chee) skirt or a south pole shirt or american eagle underwear....i feel like naturism would bring a more Utopian society in all countries n bring less war n conflict. but thats my opinion.  :322  :422  :45

Thank you for that article!

That's a really good article.
My family is pretty normal, and love each other a lot.

Most of my friends have divorced parents, and a bunch of people I know have
Problems dealing with being naked cuz they are ashamed.

I am glad my family are nudist!


--- Quote from: NatureForever on December 13, 2013, 04:23:36 am ---Kids are nudists until you teach them otherwise. That's nature. Why wouldn't it be okay?

--- End quote ---

Fully agree to this statement.

Id like to think that Chris would agree with me but when our baby is born and grows up I'd like them to think nudism is a beautiful thing and isn't 'wrong' they will no doubt see me and/or Chris naked and if they want to be naked around the home then that's acceptable :) I can't wait to be able toothache these things to our children


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