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Is Nudism OK for our kids?

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   If I ever have children, there's no question that i'm raising them naturally.

Very good article, Danee.  Now if only we could get mainstream society to see it that way.


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That's why if I ever have kids, I will rise them as naturist.  I can also see why nudist/naturist are more open about stuff which also makes them closer and makes them have less problems than non nudist families.

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This....... :e2w

I read that book, "The Naked Child Growing up without Shame" by Dennis Smith and Dr. W. Sparks.  It's a great read for those like me who haven't grown up in a free household.  I have always been jealous of kids who grew up as such. 
All I have to say about raising kids in their natural state is you better find a partner who wants the same lifestyle as you.  I've talked to way too many people that got into relationships where the other person doesn't want the naturist lifestyle.  In society today, that person is going to be the one with "law" on their side. 

off topic: I think the 2 picture are owned by the fat brunette lady because she is present on both pics (I'm looking at her necklace which looks similar on 2 pics). I think she also has another pic where in she is with her son (holding a crab) and daughter. I want to hear her story and how she raised her children..


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