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I travelled in New-Zealand (&Australia) for a few months in 2011. That was before I called myself a naturist. But we noticed the Katikati campsite, which was easy accessible and on our way and we decided to give it a try. For one night, but we stayed longer (as long as we could, which was only a few days). It was november I think, warm enough, but not high season yet. Not too many people there (and no younger people), but a very open and relaxed atmosphere. It was a perfect spot to discover naturism!

Katikati was the first naturist campsite I visited and it was a very relaxing experience. They have excellent facilities including hot tubs and a pool and the park itself is very well maintained. There is a stream next to the park which is idea for a cooling dip. I walked upstream along the rocky embankment and enjoyed the peace and serenity in nature.

Everyone I met there was friendly and there was such a relaxed atmosphere. I was there a few years ago but I see that the original owners are still there and the park is still getting very good reviews on ''.


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