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Fellow members of this community,

Lately, we have been in touch with the Elbonian national naturist organization, and they told us they were in dire need of a youth group. Elbonia is the world's largest exporter of mud and naturists are few and far in-between, with next to no youth involvement at all, so in honor of the Hoff (whose day you should all be celebrating today), we have decided to start supporting it today. The project is still in its infancy, but what used to be known as IYNO is about to become the Elbonian National Young Naturist Organization, or ENYNO for short. Eventually, our members will be expected to relocate to Elbonia, but until we get it to appear in the country list and on the member map, your accounts are safe. Please stand by for news about the closing of the international sections and out-of-Elbonia registrations tomorrow.

Woohoo! Moving to Elbonia! Is it okay if I bring a Shinian wife? Is the national animal the pig?

Great! I look forward to tasting that infamous mudtini. Stirred not shaken, of course.

Anything to go overseas I guess I'm in, good to know someone knows what day it is down here

 :323232 Long Life to Elbonia

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