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Auckland Outdoor Naturists Club


Our 10.4 hectare property is owned by the members and has been developed since 1956 for naturist recreation and relaxation. It contains sections of preserved bushland together with a natural stream,  large lawns and big trees in beautiful surroundings. If you have ever found clothes to be irksome and wondered at being able to enjoy freedom from clothes with like minded naturist people, come and visit us.

We are set in New Zealand's largest city, in West Auckland close to large shopping malls, vineyards, restaurants, cinemas, bus and rail.  We are also just a short distance from the wild Westcoast iron sand beaches and the pristine rainforest that is the Waitakere Ranges.

We welcome families and our grounds are idyllic for children, containing a swimming pool complex (including a children's pool), children's playground, sports facilities, spa/sauna and a large area of lawn. We have excellent cabin accommodation if you wish to stay overnight or longer, and also powered and non-powered sites for those who wish to camp or bring a motor home/caravan.

Wander through our website and let us introduce you to the pleasures of a clothes-free environment. Once you have enjoyed the wind on your skin, swum in the nude, played sports in the nude you will wonder why it took you so long to take up the pleasure that is social naturism.

To stay on our grounds you must either be an AONC financial member or hold a current International Nudist Federation passport. N.Z.M.C.A members welcome. AONC welcomes new members and anyone may apply to join.



Are you a member?


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Only just noticed they got a new website with a slight change in url to just .nz which is the direction a lot are going in now they don't have to subdomains it's very professional but for some reason they nuked their original twitter and their new one has no activity as of yet   

Edit: their old twitter is still there it tweeted something today but for some reason this other one was created

I know this is a really old post but the place sounded really cool so I wanted to take a look. The OP’s link is dead but here is the working url:


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