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CHM Montalivet, La Jenny or Euronat? Help

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Hey guys

Choosing where to book my summer holiday this year. It's between  Euronat, Montalivet or La Jenny.

I'd like a place that is probably more popular with people around my age (i.e. 20s and 30s)

Do any of you have any experience or recommendations?

Also looking for people to buddy up with and share costs. PM me.



I don't know La Jenny so I can't tell you anything about it.

Between Euronat and Montalivet, I personally prefer Montalivet. It seems to be more popular among youngsters, with more activities available. If you prefer to have more space and tranquillity, then Euronat would probably suits you better.

By the way, I will be in Montalivet in July 15th-22th 2014 with the French Youth Group AJNF. During that week, we will organize various activities (sports, games, theater, body-painting, etc...) for the vacationers. If you come at that time, you may join us if you want.  :smiley:

From my understanding I think where you go depends on what kind of accommodation you are after.

La Jenny is all chalets with no camping.
CHM is mostly camping, with only a few small chalets
Euronat is a mix of both camping, motorhomes and chalets.

I've only been to Euronat, but found the swimming pool a bit small for the size of the resort. La Jenny has a much bigger pool complex I believe, and I think that's where we're headed this summer (my wife doesn't really do camping!).

Wherever you choose, you should have a great time!

Hi mate,

I 've never been in these three naturist resorts , but I agree with lintu , CHM Montalivet is more enjoyed by many young naturists before Euronat and La Jenny . I know more about La Sablière in the Gard (30) in the south of France.


--- Quote from: DoozerUK on April 29, 2014, 04:18:04 pm ---CHM is mostly camping, with only a few small chalets

--- End quote ---

I can't compare, but I disagree that it's mostly camping on CHM. There are many chalets/mobilhomes, I didn't even see the place to put your tent :-)


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